Fireplaces & Stoves

Billy Penn, Inc.

Billy Penn offers a variety of black stove pipes & furnace pipes, reducers & increasers, galvanized elbows and tee covers.

Subcategory: Vents & Pipes

Marshall Stamping

Fireplace Components offered by Marshall Stamping include dampers, cleanout doors, ash dumps and fireplace baskets.

Subcategory: Flaming Boulders, Log Racks

Portland Stone Ware

Portland Stone Ware offers all of the masonry supplies needed for chimney construction.

Subcategory: Chimney, Flaming Boulders

World Marketing of America

Bring that dark, unused fireplace back to life again by adding in one of World Marketing's fully assembled Comfort Glow Electric Log Sets & Inserts.

Subcategory: Firebox, Gas Logs
Burn Type: Gas
Venting: Vent Free

The large selection of unique fireplaces from World Marketing will add both warmth and charm to your home.

Subcategory: Fireplace
Burn Type: Electric, Gas
Venting: Vent Free

World Marketing's outstanding selection of freestanding stoves offers you beauty and warmth with a choice of styling to fit almost any decor.

Subcategory: Stove
Burn Type: Electric, Gas
Venting: Vent Free