Bathtubs Buying Guide


Getting Started

Refreshing, relaxing or stimulating, a bath is still a desired means of hygiene. The size, type and style of the bathtub can enhance the experience! Bathtubs are the preferred venue for cleaning children, and even pets, and sometimes for items of clothing or household goods. The tub must be large enough to serve the home’s members and their purpose.

What to Consider



Size & Shape

Cost Considerations

Material is a large part of the cost, with the metal, stone and wood being extremely expensive and with fiberglass and acrylic in the lower price range.

Type and Size of the tub are the next considerations to impact upon the price. Apron/Alcove tubs are priced least expensive with whirlpool and air massage tubs increasing the tub. The more features, the larger the unit, the more it will cost. If electrical hookups are required to operate the tub, factor those into the price. Also, Freestanding tubs will require plumbing external to the unit, which will add to the cost, unless the plumbing is already installed.

Installation by a professional plumber will increase the cost, but may be required by building codes in the municipality.