Whether you work in construction, education, or own a small business, PMI offers a wide array of quality Motorola products designed to provide you with a quick and efficient communications network including 2-way radios and accessories.

Subcategory: Body Worn Cameras, Call Boxes, Two-Way Radios

Motorola offers a line of Android smartphones and Bluetooth accessories, as well as home and office phones and answering systems.

Subcategory: Home & Office Phones, Mobile Devices


The Motorola MT060 Lithium Portable Power Generator is a backup power system that can supply household electricity as an excellent alternative to a generator.

Subcategory: Portable Generators
Power: Lithium Battery


Keep a watchful eye on your baby or home with Motorola's baby monitors and home monitoring cameras.

Subcategory: Monitoring, Security Systems

Motorola Smart Safes features include wi-fi internet connection, 24/7 security monitoring, remote open from anywhere, and intelligent smartphone alerts.

Subcategory: Safes, Smart Safes