Tanaka two-stroke engines feature excellent power-to-weight ratios, and are built with the highest quality engine components.

Subcategory: Outdoor Power Equipment

Lawn & Garden

Whether you are a professional landscaper or homeowner, you can depend on Tanaka to make your job easier and save you time!

Subcategory: Blowers, Chain Saws, Edgers, Outdoor Power Equipment, Trimmers
Type: Hand-held, Hedge


The Tanaka Water Pump is great for draining ponds, pools, and basements. In addition, it comes standard with a garden hose adapter for lawn watering.

Subcategory: Water Pumps
Type: Lawn Sprinkler Pump, Swimming Pool Pump


Tanaka drills are ideal for fencing, security, plumbing, HVAC, road, sewer, steel, electrical, highway installation/maintenance, repair, and inspection jobs.

Subcategory: Drilling/Driving
Power: Gas-Actuated
Tool Type: Augers, Drills & Drivers