Ladders & Scaffolding

Werner ladders, scaffolding, planks, and climbing safety equipment are proven to meet the demands of work sites everywhere.

Subcategory: Attic Ladders, Extension Ladders, Extensions & Straights, Fire Escape Ladders, Jacks, Ladders, Ladders & Stages, Platforms, Safety Equipment, Stages, Step Ladders, Step Stools
Material: Aluminum, Fiberglass, Wood

Safety & Protection

Werner's range of harnesses, lanyards, retractables, anchor connections, lifelines, and compliance kits covers the needs of a wide spectrum of applications and budgets.

Subcategory: Fall Protection, Safety Equipment
Type: Fall Protection


The ladders are particularly ideal for entering attics through ceiling trap doors and similar close-quarter situations. The push/pull rod allows easy open and close.

Subcategory: Disappearing Stairways, Folding Attic Stairways
Material: Aluminum